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This information is intended to provide an overview of how we build our custom cabinetry to handle your storage needs, and why our products truly are a cut above the rest.

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Custom Design: It all starts with you
Our designers meet with you to discuss your individual storage needs. We evaluate your space and we create a custom design layout that fits your lifestyle, as well as work around any structural obstacles that may exist. Because we manufacture our own products, overcoming ordinary obstacles such as electrical panels, wall plugs, garage door tracks, concrete curbs, sprinkler control boxes and un-even wall surfaces are usually not a problem. We don’t deal in pre-fab, pre-manufactured modular cabinets. We create truly custom storage solutions for your garage, home or office.
Quality Construction
Most interior grade cabinetry on the market today (kitchen, bathroom, laundry room), is made of particle core materials, known as white melamine. While attractive in appearance, this material is best suited for indoor use and light duty loading. Where temperature and moisture cannot be controlled, these materials break down over time. Ultimately the product looses its rigidity. Shelves sag, sides shift, and doors no longer close properly.

That's why we NEVER use particle board in the framing construction of your cabinets or for the shelving. Even under the best of circumstances particle board products have considerable limitations. Knowing this, we are very deliberate in choosing an A grade resin laminated plywood (M.D.O.) to construct all our cabinet boxes and shelves. Because plywood is composed from layers of solid wood veneer, it is able to perform in all climate conditions. Moisture and temperature have no affect on the material whatsoever. Plywood composites are extremely strong and resilient to the heaviest of loads. The resin laminate is resistant to water, oils, and harsh chemicals. This finish provides a light tan, even colored appearance to the inside of the cabinet.
Garage Cabinets
Garage Cabinets

Mahogany Reinforcement Construction
Re-enforcement is integrated during assembly to provide additional support. At all horizontal panel edges (top to bottom, front to back), and behind the solid mahogany face frame, the use of solid wood provides continuous strength and added rigidity where necessary.
Framing Style Choices
There are two basic styles of cabinetry: Traditional (with frame), and European (without frame). The face frame accommodates the cabinet with additional rigidity and a shadow line in which to conceal the re-enforcement members. N.W. Garage Cabinet Co. offers you the choice of our more popular traditional face frame cabinet with a solid mahogany frame or sleek European style cabinetry without frame facing.
Garage Cabinets
Garage Cabinets & Storage - Individual Style
Custom Garage Cabinets to meet your style

Generally speaking, the doors of your cabinetry provide the most opportunity for individually style. We have a diverse selection in regards to the various styles and finishes available. Our laminated slab style doors allow for easy cleaning and have no busy details where dust could accumulate. Because solid wood is unstable in exterior applications (your garage), we use a composite core which has no propensity to warp or bow. Fully laminated, the doors can come in a variety of colors and patterns, and are washable with ordinary household cleaners. Various door edgings are also available.

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For further detailed information about our cabinet contruction, as well as what to expect during the entire process of creating your custom cabinetry, please click here to download more information.

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